It’s been a week of incredible dreams come true… I am opening my studio… and this happened… I am the new host for the CreativeMornings boston chapter. I dreamed about this but never thought it possible because our current host was never supposed to leave… 😉  But it has happened, and I can hardly contain my excitement! After a call with CMHQ yesterday and today’s event, it is OFFICIAL! <3

So this happened today…. I have been waiting for two whole months to share this news because I was so afraid that I would jinx it or something would fall through…. I am opening my own art studio and co-working space for a small community of hustling creatives!!! Ack… someone pinch me! It’s a dream come true! Now to make this space what I envision it to be in my mind…

Dreams come true. They do. But they don’t just happen. Work first.


Just gonna leave this right here. I plan on doing this since I am already doing it on my own. My goal is to hone in on a specific sliver of art… and delve into it deeply for 100 days. It will be a great next step in my journey.

I think I will enjoy the community aspect. I am also planning to instigate greater engagement locally…. Are you gonna join?

Click the graphic to go directly to the page… 🙂

Boys night out for the hubs means a mommy night in… I decided to watch a movie (something I don’t do often) instead of doing miscellaneous work that never seems to end and stumbled upon an artist date. I watched Collateral Beauty, starring Will Smith. What a beautiful movie. My artist is such a helpless romantic – loved every cheesy bit of it – and had to fight the urge to go in and wake up my baby girl with hugs and kisses.

Because sometimes a song says it all…

It’s my first time in a very long time sharing clips of my singing. I’m very out of practice from where I once was, but still…

Singing = Flying to me… it’s as natural as breathing.

So, here it is… Never Enough from The Greatest Showman in 2 Parts:

In silence there is presence

of deep wisdom,

and abundant resources;

Those most intimate

with the whispers of the Universe

are best fitted to receive.

For all things,

good and noble,

are borne when

Universe and mind

are aligned.

✌ Peace Out, Fear & Doubt

Today I was painting and there was this moment of hesitation before I put down the starkly contrasting color and I knew it wasn’t what I meant to do. Instead of discarding the paper, I decided to keep going, embrace the ugly, and turn it into a message to my self – Fear and Doubt have no place at the core of conscious mind of the creative.

Let’s acknowledge the feelings of fear and doubt and diligently guard the gate to our conscious and subconscious minds so we can safeguard our power and energy. To that end, silence is proving golden.

The Universal cannot express through you as long as you are busy with your plans, your own purpose; quiet the senses, seek inspiration, focus the mental activity on the within, dwell in the consciousness of your unity with Omnipotence. .”Still water runs deep.” Contemplate the multitudinous opportunities to which you have spiritual access by the Omnipresence of power.”  –Master Key System

And when fear got out of the way, I was able to paint this:

A Million Dreams…

For my Artist Date, I went to go see The Greatest Showman. The movie was a delight for the eyes and ears, and my inner artist was very inspired. The song, A Million Dreams has been stuck in my head – I’ve been playing it on repeat since this morning, downloaded the chords online, printed out the lyrics, dug out my guitar, and needless to say, my fingers and voice are tired from playing and singing the song every chance I had today. What a joy it’s been! I haven’t learned a song with such gusto since my days of performing as a singer-songwriter.

It felt SO GOOD 🙂

As humans, I believe we are multifaceted and in possession of a million dreams and they are all meaningful in their respective ways. We certainly can’t pursue all of our interests with the same degree of accomplishment, and it is not my point that we should try to be all things. My point is that we need to stop thinking about ourselves in singular terms – job titles, roles, and boxes – especially as creatives.

We would be remiss to neglect any part of our creative self – it’s the unique blend of experiences and inspirations that makes us who we are. The different facets of our creativity need to be fed and in turn they nurture the overall health of our inner creative. Ever feel stumped by some project or challenge? Try something different – pick up a different medium, have fun, get immersed. I am realizing that the singer-songwriter in me is just as zealous as a decade ago when pursuing a career as a singer was the dream of my heart and I must nurture that part of me still, if I would truly be my authentic creative self cause…

🎶 “Every night I lie in bed/ The brightest colors fill my head/ A Million dreams are keeping me awake/ I think of what the world could be/ A vision of the one I see/ A million dreams is all it’s gonna take/ A million dreams for the world we’re gonna make.” 🎶

What is your IKIGAI?

Ikigai (生き甲斐, pronounced [ikiɡai]) (ee-kee-gah-ee) is a Japanese concept that means “a reason for being.” While there is no direct English translation, ikigai is thought to combine the Japanese words ikiru, meaning “to live”, and kai, meaning “the realization of what one hopes for”. In addition to giving one a deeper satisfaction and perspective in life, it can also be an attributing factor to longer and healthier life.  [Source: WEF article]

As creatives, we are no strangers to our calling in life. Being a creative is such a deliberate choice that without knowing it, we embrace this notion of ikigai. And yet, we have a hard time concisely vocalizing exactly what our purpose is. Defining our ikigai as artists can be very helpful in combating our daily doubts and fears, because ikigai is grounded in practicality and truth. Ikigai lies at the heart of What we love, What we are good at, What the world needs, and What we can be paid for.

What is your ikigai? Can you state your ikigai as a concise artist mission statement that answers these four criteria? I’ll be working on my artist mission this week and I put the challenge to you as well. The Venn diagram is helpful in visualizing ikigai and the surrounding conditions, so I am borrowing and sharing it with you here. 🙂

Collect inspiration.

I love Austin Kleon’s perspective in Stealing Like An Artist.  Nothing is original and “all creative work builds on what came before.” The good artists embraces influences but not indiscriminately – she carefully chooses to consume the work of those predecessors that resonate with her soul. The good artist is selective about what she consumes with eyes, ears, mind and heart because she will consciously and unconsciously leverage those influences as inspiration for her own art and personal style. It is the unique collection and manifestation of each individual’s life experiences, tastes, interests, influences, and inspirations that gives each artist the opportunity to be “original.”

Let’s stop obsessing about originality and invest in the cultivation of our individual tastes. Let’s feed our eyes, ears, minds, and souls with the things that inspire us.