Happiness and Choice

The sage phrase, Happiness is a Choice, refers to much more than simply choosing a “happy” state of mind. It is a call to action. It begs us to make choices and to follow through, to secure our present and future happiness.

Happiness starts with a Choice.

Choose the noble path. You may not always get the desired results but there is happiness in knowing that you did the best you could do, with what you had, and what you knew, at the time. 

Choose to listen to, and honor your self – to follow your dreams and passions means living a fulfilled life doing what you arecalled” to do.

Choose to love and embrace others instead of harboring hate and contempt for the world.

Choose the fellowship of kindred spirits. Toxic and negative people are happiness killers. Surround yourself with positive energy.

Happiness starts with a choice, but it is achieved through actions. What will you do to secure your happiness today?