Bobbins & Threading…

A couple weeks ago, I got my first sewing machine for a DIY project my husband and I are working on (we are building a big kid bed for our toddler). I have always wanted one but never took the plunge because it was intimidating to try something so entirely out of the realm of my expertise.

I would overhear terms like “threading the bobbin” and “achieve the right tension” and I would think of the sharp and tiny parts – I convinced myself that I could seriously get injured handling the machinery. What business did I have getting a sewing machine anyway? Oh, doubt and fear… at it again.

Today I spent some time making simple stitches – yards and yards of it for our project. At first I worked only on the slow setting and used the default straight stitch because it felt safe and familiar – like how I would have stitch by hand. But, pretty soon, I was feeling impatient with the tempo and I kicked the speed up a notch. Ah, the rhythm – it felt good. After a few yards at that speed, I kicked it up to high and though I fumbled a bit, I still managed to successfully stitch long panels of fabric for exactly what we needed. I had such a positive experience with my new sewing machine that I am thinking up more DIY projects around the house.

I guess that’s the thing about trying something – you really just have to defy your doubts and do it – and crawl, walk, then run. I could have hated it, but I didn’t.

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