I am FINALLY back on track – waking up a couple hours early to do my morning pages and start the day making art…. I finally feel centered again. Or, I’m getting there. April was a little chaotic with traveling, family being sick, and laying the not so fun, but ever so necessary, groundwork for some new adventures but we got through it!

Through it… in real time. I guess it’s tempting to say we wish we could fast forward through certain times when things are tough, but in the spirit of living mindfully, I really tried to live my best life through the difficulties. I tried to fashion my character through the fire… it wasn’t easy. It wasn’t fun or pretty. But, I got through it and I learned a few things about myself and learned to appreciate my home, my partner, and my beautiful family so much more.

With all that’s going on at present, I won’t be able to blog every day as originally intended, but I will keep it going regularly and once the dust settles a little, I’ll come back full swing. 🙂

I am still keeping up with The 100 Day Project and you can follow that journey via instagram with my 100 Days of INK Drops!


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