Virtue in rest.

That there is virtue in work is irrefutable.

What is less plainly grasped is that there is virtue in rest.

It is noble, worthy, and dignified to renew your self, to take care of your self, so that you can be the best you.

Today I rest.

First within, then without.

“Make the world within beautiful and opulent and the world without will express and manifest the conditions which you have made within. You will come into a realization of your power to create ideals and these ideals will be projected into the world of effect.”

-Master Key System, Week Seven

Compassion Cards + Energy Paintings

It’s hard to fully move on to a new project when a previous one is unfinished. So, today I devoted a few hours to updating my online portfolio at Essem Studio so that I have some recent content on there. It’s exciting to see the paintings up there and it gets me excited to keep working. Sometime you just have to take a step back.

I’ve included some of my favorite paintings here, but you can check out the whole portfolio of Compassion Cards + Energy Paintings.

working more…

I find myself puzzling over my art during random waking hours and even in my sleep…making mental and physical notes to try different thing to achieve what I see in my mind’s eye…. it’s a constant work in progress.

I’m obsessed.

P.S. Happy Valentine’s Day! ♥


It is as though we want to believe God can create the subatomic structure but is clueless when faced with how to aid or fix our painting, sculpture, writing, film.

Cameron, Julia. The Artist’s Way

Taking the ideas from my head and trying to recreate them on a physical surface with tangible mediums… the age old artists’ challenge. It’s always perfect in my imagination… always striving, ever evolving.

Experimentation & Implementation

These last five weeks, I gave my inner artist a license to have fun painting, and I’ve had a blast making mistakes on purpose, embracing ugly,  discovering new colors, and trying all different kinds of styles in a judgement free way. For me, the creative process has become a series of ebbs and flows between experimentation and implementation. This week, and going forward, I am going to focus on implementing some of the new ideas I picked up during my experimental phase, focus on composition and color, and see where I go from there. When ideas start to feel stale, I will go back to the experimentation phase and start again.

Artist Confession: I personally struggle with overworking my paintings – filling every inch of space on the paper and being impatient and overzealous with adding colors and layers. I am going to focus on incorporating white space, executing simple composition, and achieving pristine colors.

Personal Confession: I don’t think it’s a coincidence that I find myself overworking conversations and relationships, much like I overwork my paintings. So, I am also focusing on letting go of the need to compensate or fill “spaces” in my life. Instead I am going to savor the white spaces – moments of silence and solitude. I am going to improve on the composition of my life by prioritizing the people and things that matter most to me. And, I am going to embrace the pristine color of each moment without muddying it up by doing too much, and drowning it out with distractions.

I enjoyed last week’s experiment in silence so much that I will be incorporating it in my morning writing and painting sessions going forward.

Reset for Success

In our home, Sunday has become our reset day. The hubs and I take shifts spending quality time with our little human one on one, while the other gets some time to do something productive to prepare for the week ahead. This includes cleaning the house, batch cooking for the week, organizing work spaces, reading, and planning. I can not emphasize how crucial this reset day has been to our family success during the week. We eat healthier, stick to our routines and commitments, and have more time and energy to devote to winning at life and work.

Do you afford yourself time to reset? If you could prepare something for the coming week, what would it be? How would it impact your success?

Let me lovingly state, for the record, that I am so grateful for my husband, who does so much toward our weekly family wins! Love you, DH ♥

Conversations with a best friend

This morning, I painted these three pieces in tandem, letting one dry a little while I started or resumed another. I let my hands comfortably grip the brush and flowed along, picking up and stopping short in a loose rhythm – much like the flow of a conversation with a best friend or life partner – someone with whom you can be vulnerable with, entirely open, honest and unapologetic with. Who do you share your wildest dreams and visions with? Who is your best friend whom you can bare your soul to without feeling judged? Maybe it’s time to catch up if you haven’t recently… 😉

Mental Housecleaning

“If either of us were building a home for ourselves, how careful we would be in regard to the plans; how we should study every detail; how we should watch the material and select only the best of everything; and yet how careless we are when it comes to building our Mental Home, which is infinitely more important than any physical home, as everything which can possibly enter into our lives depends upon the character of the material which enters into the construction of our Mental Homes.”

“The thing to do is to have a mental housecleaning, and to have this house cleaning every day; and keep the house clean. Mental, moral, and physical cleanliness are absolutely indispensable if we are to make progress of any kind.”

-Master Key System, Chapter 5

What thoughts are going through your mind unchecked? What is the quality of your innermost thoughts? Are you being selective about what you accept as truth? Thought becomes intent; intent breeds action; action begets consequences. If we think negative, cowardly, and fearful thoughts without challenging or chucking them, we will internalize them and they will become part of our self and our circumstances. Let’s be more mindful about what we are thinking about.

Silence is golden when it comes to listening for your own innermost voice. Select positive and good thoughts to internalize and be deliberate in building your mental environment.

Below: a painting from this morning – watercolor

Original Abstract Painting by Sophia Moon

✌ Peace Out, Fear & Doubt

Today I was painting and there was this moment of hesitation before I put down the starkly contrasting color and I knew it wasn’t what I meant to do. Instead of discarding the paper, I decided to keep going, embrace the ugly, and turn it into a message to my self – Fear and Doubt have no place at the core of conscious mind of the creative.

Let’s acknowledge the feelings of fear and doubt and diligently guard the gate to our conscious and subconscious minds so we can safeguard our power and energy. To that end, silence is proving golden.

The Universal cannot express through you as long as you are busy with your plans, your own purpose; quiet the senses, seek inspiration, focus the mental activity on the within, dwell in the consciousness of your unity with Omnipotence. .”Still water runs deep.” Contemplate the multitudinous opportunities to which you have spiritual access by the Omnipresence of power.”  –Master Key System

And when fear got out of the way, I was able to paint this: